Kimono goes West


ZI KA DE turns second-hand kimonos into new western clothing. Our centrepieces are bomber jackets and blousons. Each piece is unique and pays homage to the kimono it has been made from - A union of tradition and modernity!


Each kimono is a unique piece of art to which a whole range of artists and craftsmen contribute. The ensemble of tradition, profound history and handcrafts carried out with mindfulness and devotion results in overwhelmingly beautiful fabrics. It drives us to make them wearable in western culture and to share our fascination, joy and enthusiasm.


Katharina Oehler

Touching the fabrics and looking at them is incredibly beautiful for me and the absolute perfection takes my breath away. It is simply a dream!

Barbara Wenk

Working with kimonos always leaves me in awe of the care and dedication with which the pieces are made and opens my heart.